Installation & Maintenance

When it comes to Installation, we have found that it’s vital to be hands-on and although the installation of a display unit comes almost at the end of the service cycle, it’s just as critical as the creative design at the outset.

We are committed to working with customers on an ongoing basis and building their brands successfully over time so we know that when it comes to every single installation – we are only as god as the job in hand and we aim to deliver and install each unit exactly as specified.

The Installation and Delivery Service

  • POP Delivery & Installation
  • Permanent Displays
  • Gondola Displays, Installed On-site
  • POS/POP Maintenance
  • De-commissioning and recycling of materials



It gives our customers confidence to know that they can continue to re-enforce their brand values over time through a dependable maintenance service which will keep displays in perfect condition.

To be satisfied that your campaign material will be a success, we have equipped staff with the materials and skills needed to clean, mend or restore your display throughout the duration of your campaign.

To make sure that we deliver a speedy and comprehensive service, we have resources located around the country that are equipped to deal with repairs and elements such as electrical and lighting maintenance.

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