We take pride in knowing that we can offer you a wide variety of display stands at the best rates.

Our expert team of designers create products from several different materials which include; metal, plastic and wood.

To deliver an efficient and high quality final product, which takes into account the look and feel required, the function to be preformed and the environment, some of our manufacturing processes include:

  • Tube bending
  • Wire bending
  • mesh making
  • mig & mig welding
  • sheet metal bending, rolling and pressing,
  • plastic fabrication
  • vacuum forming
  • laser cutting
  • powder coating
  • digital printing
  • assembly

We have a rolling investment in new machinery. Our 34,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility combined with our highly trained staff ensures that our products are made quickly and efficiently while still maintaining the highest standard.

Display Stand Manufacturing

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